>Sketch Every Day: 1.27.11


Okay, I’m right in the middle of a painting project and two invitations jobs (all due tomorrow)…but I’m absolutely determined to keep this 365 project going.  So I literally just sketched this about 10 minutes ago and I’m posting my sketch just before the stroke of midnight…so it still counts!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool illustrations out there of vintage Polaroid cameras…and since I’m kinda in the picture-taking mood (not me actually taking the photos, but because we’re gearing up for our annual family photo shoot with my sister of Lot116 Photography)….I thought I’d sketch an old Pentax (I think I had one of these in college for a photography class).  I used some colored ink and one of Mason’s thick black markers.

As for kids’ art…since Chinese New Year is next week, I decided to teach Mason’s class about Chinese characters for Art today. They thought it was so cool to see how the Chinese characters originated from pictographs.  And I thought that it was so cool to see how eager they were to learn more.  I’m half Chinese, but my Chinese reading/writing comprehension is only at about an elementary school level, so it was good practice for me and I think they learned a little something too.  

After showing them how the characters evolved from pictographs, I  re-wrote them all for the kids to copy.
Nice job, Brayden!

Here’s Louie’s…

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