>’Bout To Get My Etsy On….


EITAK Design has had an Etsy shop since January 16 of 2007. Yep…almost exactly FOUR years ago, I signed up and “set up shop” but HAVE YET to post a single item for sale. I’ve also always had a blog set up with my website and never really kept up with it until last year.  

The main reason for my shop and my blog’s inactivity during those years is lack of time. Because of the very custom nature of all my work and since everything is completely designed and handmade by yours truly (I am EITAK, EITAK is me), I don’t really have a lot of “finished” product laying around ready to sell or customize. I’m a one-woman show, so I was mostly concerned with order fulfillment…how would I process orders (especially since most of my offerings would be custom, made-to-order) when I single-handedly run ALL aspects of my business, am consistently booked for decorative painting and mural projects, as well as weddings and events, and I’m a wife and a mom to two young boys? As it is, I’m already working late into the middle of the night after my kids go to bed.  

It’s not for lack of things to sell or lack of order interest that I haven’t posted anything in my ETSY shop. I have inquiries and commissions all the time for custom step stools, art on canvas, handcrafted cards and stationery sets. Quite simply…I just didn’t know if I would be able to fully commit to running the Etsy shop…TIME is something I don’t seem to have a lot of these days.

But somehow last year, I found the time to jump start my blog again and train for a marathon…even though my work schedule, if anything, had increased! Having Mason in school full time and Isaac going to preschool a few hours each week, certainly had something to do with it.  I think if I just slowly and gingerly introduce a few things to my Etsy shop, I can see how it goes and if it’s something I can take on.  If anything, I just want to post something so that my poor little Etsy shop doesn’t look so bare and lonely.  

Here’s what I’m working on for EITAK’s Etsy shop:

1: An adorable, yet cool line of kids’ note-cards/stationery sets (which grown-ups will like too), inspired by my son’s artwork and my Sketch Every Day project.  

2: Samples of step stools I’ve painted for other clients and offer customization, such as names and color schemes.  

3: I have an amazing collection of papers (which is starting to take up way too much room in my house), so before my husband calls “Hoarders”, I’d like to package paper-crafting sample sets for scrapbookers and DIYers.  

4: A line of reasonably priced print-at-home invitation kits for those of you that want to get creative, save money by doing things yourself, but still use beautiful papers and Envelopments specialty products.

5: Customizable printed party supplies (favors, labels, stickers, favor tags, food indicator signs, menus, etc.) in a variety of themes and colors, to make your birthdays and events extra special.

6: I also have a few ideas brewing for home decor items, tees and totes that would be perfect for people who like the same style I do.

I’ll definitely make an announcement once I’ve really set up shop…so please stay tuned. I have a lot of work to do in order to get the shop ready, so it may be a couple of months.  I might have a contest or giveaway on this blog to celebrate the so-called “store opening”…

Do you Etsy and if so, will you “heart” my shop?  I hope so!

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