>Sketch Every Day: 1.14.11


As a decorative painter, I am inspired by classic ornamentation, design elements and graphic motifs from traditional and historical sources.  The acanthus leaf has always been one of my favorites.  Today’s sketch is a very simplified line drawing (using a black ballpoint pen and colored with Olive and Naples Yellow markers).  

Yesterday, during Art in my son’s first grade class, we did a “directed draw” project. The original project (from the school’s art lesson guidebook) suggested a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll for the subject…which we don’t have.  I basically decided to do this project at the very last minute (my work schedule this week has been hectic)….seriously, I had no time to plan anything and knew I would just have to “wing it.”  So I grabbed two of the kids’ stuffed animals, rushed to the art room to grab papers…luckily, there was a safety drill at the school, which bought me a few minutes to prepare. This is how the project turned out. I think the kids did a fantastic job…and I love how sometimes the most impromptu ideas have some really terrific results!

First, I set up our subjects: a sock monkey and “Spots” from “Put Me In The Zoo” by Robert Lopshire.
Then I showed them step-by-step how to observe the subject and draw using a series of shapes.  My drawing is really bad, but it was hastily done on a dry erase board…and I think the kids got the idea.
After drawing with pencil, they outlined with a black pen.

Some had time to add color with crayons.

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