>Sketch Every Day: 1.13.11


I just got the January Free People catalog, which was shot in Paris…filled with soft, pretty florals, vintage patterns, light and airy chiffons, delicate chantilly lace, and everything romantic and frilly, yet not too fussy or froo-froo. The whole catalog feels like a “casually, roll out of bed late Sunday morning, throw on a wrinkled, flowery sundress, head out for a lovely walk along the Champs-Élysées for a baguette (with lots of butter) and an espresso, hair tousled and free, no make-up, no where to be, kind of day.”  Sigh.  I need one of those. I haven’t been to Paris (yet), and it’ll be a while before I make it there.  But flipping through this catalog, I think I could easily recreate that feeling right here in beautiful San Diego. And here’s the dress style (referenced from the FP catalog, although my drawing is a different color than the one pictured in the catalog) that I would wear on my imaginary “no where to be, nothing to do” kind of day.  I’d probably wear my funky boots and a scarf….

…And Isaac’s pastels from the other day (he’s 4).

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