>Sketch Every Day: 1.12.11


I didn’t get to today’s sketch until late into the day…or rather evening. I’ve found that I like to sketch in the morning after the boys are off to school and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee before the work day begins. But today, I was up at the crack of dawn taking care of a bunch of projects, last minute changes, printing and assembly jobs, delivering orders, heading out to meetings, going to the post office, picking up supplies…which is pretty much the norm for me most of the time (throw a painting project into the mix and well, that’s likely a typical day in the life of EITAK).  

I was so rushed and hurried this morning, that I forgot to eat breakfast (my tummy growling in the middle of my meeting was an embarrassing reminder). Now I remember why I rarely have time to work on my own personal projects, let alone keep the house tidy and get the laundry done! But, if I somehow found the time to train for and run a full marathon last year, then I think I can manage to find a few moments to sketch every day. And I must admit, it’s been quite therapeutic for me these last 12 days…I am thoroughly enjoying the bits of time I spend each day with my little sketchbook.  

Scroll down/read further for the reason I drew a red suitcase…
…Also, I’ve noticed that my boys have taken even more of an interest in sketching too.  Six year-old Mason draws every day and has his own little sketchbook.  Each day, he asks me “what did you draw today, Momma?” and I love sharing with him the “what, why and how” of the day’s sketch.  But yesterday, I found my four year-old, Isaac, quietly sketching with my pastels.  He totally did this on his own, without any direction from me.  And it was a lovely sight…he knew exactly what to do, blending the colors with his hands, shaking off the excess chalk dust, using the side of the pastel to shade.  Amazing!  It was like he was in his own little world…he didn’t even notice I was behind him observing and taking pictures. And the smudges of pastel all over his face and shirt were quite adorable and charming.

…Speaking of AMAZING, here are two of my niece’s sketches.  I can’t believe Paige is only five years old!  I’m just blown away by how well she is drawing and writing…she’s in kindergarten!

PJ wearing her poodle skirt and eating an ice cream sundae…with her cousins, Mason and Isaac, nearby.   
PJ drew this for her ballet teacher…she got the number of girls in her class (and their hair colors) correct!

…Now if you’re wondering why I drew a red suitcase….today I had a moment to go with my sister, Julie, to the antique store where she had put a red suitcase on hold for me. She found it while prop shopping and knew I was looking for a vintage suitcase to use for toting my invitation samples to meetings.  I would have been happy with just about any old suitcase, as long as it was in good condition….but a red one is what I had been dreaming about and hoping for….for years it seems!  Julie has always been like my personal shopper (for my kids too).  She has such a keen eye for things, knows what I’m looking for, what will fit me, what will look good on me…sometimes she finds things I didn’t even know I needed or wanted and they’re always perfectly suited to my taste…plus she seems to find everything for dirt cheap, on clearance, discounted, a steal!  

When she texted me a picture of the suitcase (above), I immediately said, “I’ll take it!”  Today, when I picked it up, I was smitten.  The color red just makes me so happy.  It’s vibrant and full of energy…I can’t wait to show up to my meetings with all its fabulousness.  Now, I’m wondering whether I should paint my logo on it, adorn it with my own vintage-looking “EITAK” luggage tags/stickers, embellish it…or just leave it be.  It is quite lovely all on its own, don’t you think? (photos taken with a vintage filter on my iphone Hipstamatic app)

Oh, and check out this cool set of vintage Architectural Carpentry Building Encyclopedias I saw….the complete set was over $150, so I just snapped a picture of it.  There are volumes on plastering, painting, freehand drawing, drawing and lettering….so cool!  These would be perfect for display and reference in my “office” bookshelf.  I just love how the old binding and tattered covers look.  

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3 Responses to >Sketch Every Day: 1.12.11

  1. Chris says:

    >One of my favorite blogs to date! Are you gonna take requests for sketches any time soon? :o)

  2. EITAKdesign says:

    >Awww, thanks Chris! Sure, I'll take requests…what do ya wanna see? I can't promise it'll be any good, but I'll try anything!

  3. Chris says:

    >How about a jazz influenced sketch? Something cool like a poignant pose by Miles Davis or John Coltrane? Not really a 5 min type sketch, but I have faith in you. ;o)

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