>Sketch Every Day: 1.11.11


I’ve always loved typography, printed ephemera, numbers, letters, characters and glyphs…even before I became a graphic designer.  As a youngster, I loved collecting vintage postcards, stationery, decals and would spend hours flipping through old magazines, books and posters at thrift stores and antique shops.  Even nowadays, on the rare occasion when I have time to go “antiquing” or “thrifting”, I find myself gravitating towards the milk crates of vintage magazines and books, and sifting through piles of postcards and old photographs. 

So since today is 1-11-11, I thought I’d sketch “one.11.eleven”, referencing some basic fonts.  I started with pencil and then went over it in ballpoint pen, followed by some random splotches and squiggles from a dropper of yellow and then blue Higgins drawing ink.

I already posted this yesterday, but thought I’d show it again (since it goes with today’s sketch)…here’s a detail of Mason’s number 11 from a card he made the other day.

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2 Responses to >Sketch Every Day: 1.11.11

  1. >Very cool! My birthday is 11/ 11 so I'm thinking I need to through a big party for 11/11/11!!!!!!

  2. EITAKdesign says:

    >OMG, Pia! You absolutely MUST have a bash for that awesome birth date this year! As a fellow Scorpio, I already think our birthdays are fabulous, but 11/11/11 is truly special…count me in for the celebration!

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