>2011 – It’s Going To Be A Sketchy Year…


Remember the uninhibited creativity of childhood; when anything was possible; when imagination was just a normal part of everyday thinking? Recall how it seemed to come as naturally as breathing…effortless, yet undeniably crucial to “being”…does that ring a bell, tickle a memory stored away in the deep recesses of your mind? Remember?

I do. And I miss it. I want to somehow get back there….

As a child, the world of my imagining was but a sketch away. I always had a sketch pad, journal or scrap of paper…and I always felt the need to draw. Not because of a deadline, or a project, or something someone else asked me to do. But just because. I felt like drawing brought to life the imagery that I saw in my mind and it was magical for me to see what a few pencil marks could reveal.

Nowadays, I’m living in my “grown-up” world where I have a job, deadlines, customers and all the day-to-day tasks of running my own business. I’m extremely fortunate that I’m able to make a living by painting, designing, crafting and creating. Every day, I do something creative…even if it’s always for someone else. I can’t think of anything more rewarding for the work I do, than to know that it is enjoyed, valued or wanted by my clients, friends, neighbors and family.

But somehow, in the hustle and bustle of being “creative on-demand” for my work, I must have tucked away that artistic inner child I once had…that we ALL had at some point as children. I can’t really remember the last time I just sat down and sketched something, just because.

Now I’m a mother…and perhaps it’s the keen special sense we moms have in truly “seeing” our children in a realm of hopes and limitless possibilities…but I think I’ve seen the spark of that inner artist I once knew…in my six year-old son, Mason. Mason has always shown artistic tendencies, but over the last year, his spark has shown so brightly, that I could not help but notice how much he was inspiring me.

I saw how Mason just HAD to draw something…almost every day…on anything he could find: unopened mail, grocery bags, dinner napkins, my specialty papers (thankfully not any being used for clients…nor my walls, that’s more my son, Isaac’s preferred canvas). Before my lessons as Art Docent in his kindergarten and now first grade classes, he would suggest projects to me. And I found myself asking for his opinion as I planned the lessons.

So when Mason asked for his own sketchbook to carry with him everywhere, a light bulb went off in my head. Eureka! That’s it! That’s how I’ll uncover my inner artist again…I know I will never find myself in the pure, unadulterated, creative mindset of my childhood, but I may get back to the very basics of cultivating and practicing my art.

So, I got myself a sketchbook, too. Welcome to my new blog series: Sketch Every Day. Inspired by my Mason, as well as a few blogs out there dedicated to the same premise of creating and posting something every day. There are quite a few, www.sketch-a-day.com and www.skulladay.com are a couple of my favorites.

So, here’s how it’s going to work: each day I will sketch something in my book (I don’t know what…just whatever comes to mind or inspires me). The sketch may be a quick doodle or a more well-developed drawing that may serve as a model for a future painting. It will use any medium I feel like sketching with: pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, ink pen, crayolas, pastels, lipstick, chocolate…whatever! And since I can blog from my phone, I’ll just take a photo using my beloved Hipstamatic app (so the look is consistent and because I don’t have the time for any fancy photography set ups) and upload to my blog! Sometimes I may comment on the sketch or it may just be a picture post.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this series takes shape and how the sketches evolve. I plan to start on the first day of the New Year and see if I can keep it up the entire year. I also like the idea of welcoming any of you to submit your sketches (your kids’ artwork is encouraged too), so we can inspire each other. More details on how we’ll do that, coming soon.

For now, I just wanted to announce the new series. This idea has been brewing for a while now (I hinted to it on my facebook page a few weeks ago).

Let’s see how it goes. Here’s to a “sketchy” year!

Happy 2011!

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3 Responses to >2011 – It’s Going To Be A Sketchy Year…

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Can't wait to see what's brewing in your head as you translate that to paper!

  2. mim says:

    >Welcome to the world of a daily thing. It's definitely energizing. I'm doing a piece of Mail Art every day.

  3. EITAKdesign says:

    >Thanks, Mim for the warm welcome! I love your work! Saw it on the makesomething365 blog just the other day! It is definitely energizing to be a part of a 365 project! All the best to you in yours!

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