>Scarfin’ Up This Easy No-Sew Project!


This post has nothing to do with paper or paint…it’s just a super quick and easy little something I did one rainy morning during my holiday break. It literally took five minutes! I had seen this tutorial on Etsy a couple of months ago and thought it would be fun to do with the kids. All you need are scissors and an old t-shirt. What a cool way to repurpose those shirts that the kids have outgrown, rather than throw them into the car rag pile!

Besides…I don’t sew. My mom gave me a sewing machine that I’ve never learned to use. It basically collects dust unless my mom or my husband’s mom are in town to help me out with repairing seams, hemming pants or replacing buttons. I sort of know how to hand-stitch and I did some cross-stitch and crocheting back in the days when I had more time to learn different crafts. But sewing is something I never really had the knack for, so this project was perfect for me! Seriously…five minutes, scissors and an old tee? Easy peasy!

Start by cutting straight across the tee, right under the armpits of the shirt.

Then, turn the shirt around and cutting from the cut side…

…cut 1″ strips up to about 3 or 4 inches from the top.

Then pull and stretch each 1″ strip…

Tie a little knot at the bottom of each strip…

Loop it around twice to wear as a funky fringed scarf accessory! Done! Super easy and looks cool too!

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