>Season’s Greetings – EITAK’s Custom Cards 2010


This little elf was BUSY for the 2010 holiday card season!  I love working on custom cards this time of year because I get to reconnect with clients that I may only be in contact with when I create their annual card each Christmas. It’s fun to see their photos and how their families have grown.  Some of these clients I’ve known since the days of designing their save the dates and wedding invites…and have since been welcomed into their homes for painting, decorating their nurseries, creating birth announcements, birthday party invites and the yearly family holiday card.  And of course, there are the family, friends and neighbors that I design cards for every year.  It brings me great joy to make their cards…and it’s so much fun to be able to try new paper combinations and custom designs…I want their cards to be truly unique and different from what anyone else will receive.  Sure, it may cost more to send out a custom card, but I’ve been told that these are the cards that get noticed, kept and treasured amongst the piles of store-bought, pre-fab and “push-button” warehouse store or online photo cards.  With all the beautiful papers, layers, embellishments and unique formats, how could they not be keepers!? So, year after year, I receive requests for custom cards from repeat customers, friends, family and neighbors who just can’t imagine sending out anything but a custom designed card. You know what they say…”Once you go EITAK, you can’t go back….”

And of course, there were a lot of new holiday card clients, last minute orders, and other non-holiday card projects thrown into the mix…which, in addition to painting jobs and wedding deadlines, made for a very busy three weeks leading up to Christmas!  So here are some of this season’s holiday card designs and formats. You’ll notice that some of the cards utilize some similar wording/font/graphics (in an effort to accommodate those last minute requests).  But for the most part, each card is different and all the color schemes are unique.  No typical red/green cards this year!  Although, I must say that the most popular colors this past year have been shades of purples and grays.  
Specialty folds: Z-card, Accordion-fold, Gate-fold.
4″ X 9″ Layered flat cards with ribbon embellishment.
Layered flat cards, 5″ X 7″ and 6″ X 9″.
5″ X 7″ folded cards: A wedding thank you/holiday card and an unique “Daft-Vader” theme.
The new Twist Cards by Envelopments.
Envelopments Pocket Cards.
5.5″ X 5.5″ Layered flat card with Envelopments Pocket Envelope.
With all the amazing photos of this beautiful family by Lot116 Photography, an accordion-fold was the perfect format for showcasing many pictures.
Custom-designed and hand-cut ice skating party invites, with eyelets and ribbon embellishments.
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2 Responses to >Season’s Greetings – EITAK’s Custom Cards 2010

  1. >Thank you Katie, as always they were amazing, and yes, how could I ever go back :)XOKristin

  2. Anonymous says:

    >"Once you go EITAK, you can't go back…." — well said. I highly recommend your work to any person needing your special craft! 😉 J. Martinez

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