>Happy Hollandaise!


Happy Hollandaise and Have an EGG-cellent New Year!
It’s been a busy holiday season for EITAK Design, with holiday card orders (many of them last minute), painting projects (to help clients get their homes decorated and ready for holiday entertaining), and even a few weddings!  The last few weeks have been incredibly busy for me and needless to say, I have not had a spare moment to focus on the holidays with my own family….let alone take care of anything around the house.  Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who has taken care of most of the household duties for me, in addition to helping me with many of my work projects.  He’s amazing!  Not only has he shuttled the kids back and forth to school, prepared all the meals, done the laundry and grocery shopping….but he’s actually helped me assemble wedding items/cards AND baked/decorated sugar cookies with our boys.  All this while also managing his own work schedule and projects.  If I’m Wonder Woman, he’s definitely my Super Man.  

Well, FINALLY the deadlines have been met and I have a few days off to get ready for the holidays.  So I thought I’d post about it and share a few pics.  I started my Christmas shopping today and am only about 25% through…so I will be braving the stores tomorrow and probably Christmas Eve too.   Wish me luck!  

Usually each year, my sisters and some of our gal pals try to get together for a baking day/cookie exchange to make delicious gifts for our friends and neighbors. It’s always so much fun and we make a girls’ day out of it.  But this year, our schedules were too hectic and I certainly didn’t have the time to bake cookies on my own.  So, at the suggestion of my sister, Julie, and with the help of my friends at Mama Kat’s, I decided to give my friends a little taste of something near and dear to my heart (and tummy): Mama Kat’s famous Hollandaise sauce.

I’m a sucker for clever wording….especially if it’s a little cheesy and humorous. So, I thought I would wish everyone “Happy HOLLANDAISE” and “Have an EGG-cellent New Year!”  I LOVE Mama Kat’s homemade Hollandaise sauce. My husband and kids do too.  I order the Florentine Benedict with shaved ham almost every time I eat at Mama Kat’s.  And that Hollandaise (as Julie says) “is like crack.”  I’ll order a side of it for dipping onion rings or french fries….it’s THAT good.  Seriously.  There’s a reason why I have to run marathons…so I can keep up with my Hollandaise addiction.  And I loved the idea of my friends enjoying a delicious and hearty breakfast with their families during the holiday break….warming their bellies and their hearts.  
Each family got a jar of Mama Kat’s Hollandaise with a carton of fresh eggs from Hidden Villa Ranch Egg Farm on Elfin Forest Road.  I love the carrier they gave my husband to transport the eggs.
Mike of Mama Kat’s was nice enough to fulfill my special request for gallons of their famous Hollandaise. It was made fresh and ready for my mason jars.   I custom made labels (using my favorite color scheme).
And the fun part….the cheesy wording!
Ready to be hand-delivered by my handsome husband.
So, even though I didn’t make the sauce myself, I hope that my friends will enjoy this little gift, knowing that it comes from my heart, homemade with love by my friends at Mama Kat’s….a place where comfort food and family togetherness go hand-in-hand. That’s what I love most about the holiday season: the company of family and friends…the enjoyment of good food and cheer…making our own traditions and memories.  

On another note, here are a few pics of the very limited bit of holiday decorating that took place in our household.  We’re spending Christmas with my husband’s family, so we decided to fore-go the tree, lights and any decorating this year.  But my six year-old is very crafty and loves to decorate for all the holidays, so I had to let him do something!  

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

All the best,

Mason decorated his mini tree and arranged his Nutcracker collection.

Ornaments in a container, 2 minute decorating…minimal effort involved. 
Cinnamon scented pine cones.

LED candle in a hurricane with some glittery holiday foliage.  Done.

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2 Responses to >Happy Hollandaise!

  1. Irene T. says:

    >I had my eggs Benny the very next morning! Yummy!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >what a special gift…nothing like something delicious from one of the best places in town and hand gifted and packed by our one and only EITAK. Happy Holidays (belated) — J. Martinez

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