>It’s the Creep-Creepiest Time of the Year!


Happy Hal O. Ween!

I’ve always loved Halloween…it’s a time of transformation, an opportunity to be creative in an uninhibited way, a chance to step away from reality and “be” something else…even if it’s just for a night.  I have so much fun putting together costumes, carving pumpkins, having an excuse to keep bowls of CANDY all over the house!  

Nowadays, Halloween is a pretty big deal to our family because my son, Isaac, was born on Halloween night…delivered by Minnie Mouse (his doctor was dressed as Minnie….ears, red polka dot bow and all).  What could be a cooler birth date than Oct. 31st?  There’s no limit of awesome themes for birthday parties, and every year it seems like the whole world is celebrating your special day with parties, candy, costumes and FUN!  Isaac is a lucky boy!  This weekend, we’re gearing up for his 4th birthday – A Pirate Party (stay tuned for the birthday party blog post).

My older son, Mason (6), has always thought skulls and skeletons are very cool (since he was two years old)…so he’s really into decorating for Halloween.  He was already pumped up to start decorating in early September, and when the first day of October arrived, he was raring to go.  He had a game-plan and a vision.  He just might have a future as a set decorator!  We’re looking forward to a Halloween in the future when we can transform our entire house into a haunted mansion and dare trick-or-treaters to enter and earn their treat!  Maybe in a couple of years when the boys are a little older and can participate in the scarefest!  

Just for fun…here some examples how of our home was decorated this year, with Mason’s help of course.   And since I’m not a photographer….thanks to the filters of the Hipstamatic iphone app, the photos have an extra creepy look!  Have a FUN, SAFE, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Styrofoam grave stones I made about 8 years ago….pretty tattered, but still holding up.
I like how the plaster and paint is cracked and peeling from years of use…adds to the look.

Skin E. Bones
The lawn skeleton Mason had to have this year.  
Skull fencing from the 99 Cent Store.
Graveyard designed by Mason, all with Dollar Tree and Spirit Store finds.

Spider webs and pirate skeleton.

I made that wreath 8 years ago…it seems to get better looking each year from sitting in the garage collecting dust and real spiders/webs!
Pumpkin painted with chalkboard paint so the kids can erase and re-decorate over and over.
Fake pumpkins we carved a few years ago with a Dremmel tool.
Our initials.
Best candy bowl…EVER!  I found this at Target a few years ago.   It’s motion sensitive – when you reach for candy, a skeleton hand comes out of the bowl as if to grab you.

Fun Martha Stewart die cut mice kit.  Mason and his cousin Tyan put these up.

The fake pumpkins make cute holders for flower arrangements, LED candles…you can even use them to hold small bowls of dip or snacks at Thanksgiving dinner .
Cute skeleton bear that my sister, Julie, gave Mason a few years ago….and pumpkin votive.

LED skeleton lights from Target.

Skeleton lights from Cost Plus on the mantle.

Dollar Tree skeleton sitting on the wreath of our pantry door.
Chalkboard paint pumpkins make great menu signs.  After Halloween, this can be used for our Thanksgiving menu!

Dollar Tree find on display in the ktichen….
…with an appetizing offering of bats, spiders, cockroaches, flies, rats…on a bed of (rice) “maggots”. 

P.S. – we usually carve pumpkins the night before or on the day of Halloween…just so the pumpkins don’t mold/rot too quickly (it’s been really warm here in San Diego).  I’ll post pictures of how our pumpkins turned out afterwards!

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  1. >Such great ideas! Love all your decor!!

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