>If You Can’t Find It…Then Make It!


I consider myself pretty crafty.  I always say, “if it can be painted or printed, I can make it happen.”  I love finding creative ways to fabricate things out of paper and paint….that’s my forte.  There are some things that I definitely do not have a knack for: sewing, gardening, baking, woodworking/construction, photography, parallel parking (to name a few)….those things I leave to the experts!  So when I come up with something that’s a little bit out of the realm of what I normally work with…and it turns out well…um, I get a little giddy.  Please, try to contain your excitement…..this post is about table number holders.  

When the bride for a wedding last weekend asked me to provide lower holders for her table numbers after we revised the design from tent cards to flat circle cards, I didn’t think anything of it….should be easy enough.  Usually the reception venue provides table number holders, but they’re typically the standard, tall, silver ones (that fall over all the time).  
I figured I could just walk into a floral or restaurant supply place and pick some up that were a little shorter.   And in a pinch, Michael’s or Aaron Brothers should have some, right?  Well, no luck.  A week before the wedding and I just couldn’t find the right holders for this wedding….nothing AT ALL at the craft, art or framing stores.  Shinoda only had the taller 12″ – 15″ holders in silver (which height-wise would have interfered with the centerpieces), and the restaurant and office supply stores only had placecard holders (which were too low and meant to hold a smaller card).  

This wedding’s color scheme was chocolate brown/bronze, champagne gold and amethyst purple, so silver wouldn’t do.  And most of the items I found online were either silver, a little pricey, and just not right for the look/feel for this wedding.  Plus, we were less than a week away and I didn’t want to chance it by ordering online.  

So I decided to make them myself.  I happened to be looking for decorations and goodie bag items for my son’s birthday party at a local Dollar Tree, and as luck would have it, I came across the exact number of faux bronze candle stick holders I needed….34, two for each table–sixteen tables and the head table!  It was meant to be.  The color was perfect and the price was right.  But how to make them into holders for table numbers?  I needed that wire holder “thingee” at the top to slip the cards into.  Then I came across these cheap silver wedding bell placecard holders the next aisle over…and I knew what to do.

So with a glue gun and some metallic bronze paint….  

VoilĂ !  Table number holders in the perfect style/color, height and price range.  I was pleased.  

Painted table names/place cards for Events By Design

I’ve painted rocks for table numbers/place cards (see above), used mini topiaries and potted plants, votive candles, etc.  But during my online searches, I came across a bunch of DIY placecard holder ideas that are so clever, yet simple and inexpensive…I am inspired to somehow incorporate them into future table settings for clients or for my own parties….LOVE these ideas…..

…vintage wooden stamps (this one’s my fave)…  Old Crow Farm Antiques

…Refreshing limes…  Evrim Icoz Photography
…crisp apples (and I like the name on the card)… Yum Sugar

…wine corks…  Urban Farmhouse Blog

…bamboo… Favor Studio

…simple woodsy… Monkeys on the Roof

…fabric covered (this was actually my back-up plan)… IDSM Printing

…ring boxes, too cute… Nonpareil Magazine

…die cut shapes…. Timeless Paper

I’m toying with the idea of using other found objects to create place card holders or table number displays: empty thread spools, antique keys and padlocks, compasses, bird’s nests, small (old, weathered) books, old coins, bell jars….maybe one day when I have more time, I’ll play around with some mock-ups or a client will give me a chance to run with an idea….

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  1. luckydame says:

    >Love the antique wooden stamps as holders. So clever!

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