>One Of My Favorite Color Schemes….Turquoise and Red


Red, White and Blue – Katazome-Shi – Stenciled Mums Paper

Fourth of July is this weekend and as I’m thinking of Old Glory and red, white and blue…I’m reminded of one of my favorite color schemes: a variation of red and blue together – turquoise (or aqua) and red (or coral).  Red – (warm, passionate, spicy, hot, energetic, fiery, striking) is my favorite color and I think it works well with so many cooler and neutral tones (blues, greens, grays, black, white, beige, even browns).  But something about red with turquoise or aqua always strikes my fancy.  I love the juxtaposition of the warmth and energy of red with the cool, serenity of blue.  Something about these two colors together always makes me happy….it’s so refreshingly colorful, a touch feminine yet bold, it’s a color synergy that I have a connection to.  
It’s been a part of my logo color scheme since day one…and you’ll notice it on my business cards, website and even this blog.  Technically, my logo/website has four colors: red, aqua, chartreuse, brown (which all together I find to be very pleasing and represents my personal taste and style)…but for this post, I will focus just on the blue/red together with some papers and decor that I’m really drawn to and inspired by.  My loft/office is one room where I’ve planned to incorporate these colors…so stay tuned for a future post about this project.

Tibetan Tea Pot from TradersCity.com

Tibetan Jewelry from TradersCity.com

Lovely table runner and Cardinal napkin rings
(Martha Stewart Weddings)

How cute are these program tags?!
(Martha Stewart Weddings)

Fabulous damask wallcovering from Zoffany Nureyev

Twigs and Birds paper by Midori

Owls paper by Midori

Gorgeous acanthus scrolls by Paper Source

Okay, this one has a bright pink too…but the colors are still perfect together.

I bought a shopping tote with this patterned print from Paper Source

LOVE the stripes, faux painted headbord and curtain!
(Designer – Diane Bergeron)

The folding screen and coral pillow!
(Designer – Tobi Fairley)

Great bolsters and foot-board seating!

Flora and Fauna Paper – Floreal

Wooster and Prince Paper

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