>Look! It’s "Katie" Spelled Backwards….


Paper mosaic artwork by Makala Arcio
(daughter of my friend, Jeff)

If you didn’t already know, “eitak” is “Katie” spelled backwards.  Quite simply, EITAK is me…it’s all about me, anyway you look at it.  So I put everything I am into everything I do.  I’m a one-woman show, and I’m not afraid to admit that I do enjoy a tiny moment in the spotlight.

I LOVE seeing my name in print.  
I LOVE getting credit for my hard work and ideas.  
I LOVE getting a pat on the back and a thumbs-up for doing a good job.  

Who doesn’t?

I LOVE what I do, so there’s nothing more rewarding for me than getting recognition for a job well done…or to know that people enjoy and appreciate what I do.  When I design or paint for a client, offer ideas to a colleague or teach a friend how to paint something, it’s like I give a little piece of myself…it makes me feel connected to the people around me, by offering what makes me…me –  my love of paper and paint and all things art and design-related.  So when they give me a little love back…just by giving a little credit for any bit of a difference I may have made, well, that’s all this girl needs to be soaring above cloud 9 for days.   I tell people all the time…if I didn’t HAVE to work, I’d still be painting. designing, making cards for family, friends, neighbors….anyone that would have me. 

I was flipping through some magazines in my loft/studio (while doing the glamorous job of feeding cardstock into my printer) and found a few magazines that a couple of the wonderful wedding coordinators I’ve worked with had their events featured in,…and were nice enough to credit EITAK for the work that I did. Thanks Jessica of Events by Design and Paula of Champagne Taste…I LOVE working on projects with you! 

So in the spirit of all the World Cup fever going on right now….I thought I’d just “toot my own vuvuzela” for a minute and post some pics of a few recent publications that have mentioned me or featured my work.  

Doesn’t everything look so pretty on the printed page of a magazine!

Exquisite Weddings, Tableaux Shoot with Events By Design

Serendipity, Ritz Carlton Wedding with Champagne Taste

Ceremony, Private La Jolla Residence Wedding

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