>All The (Not Single) Ladies…


To all my (not single) ladies….

That’s right…those of you who are in a relationship…are brides-to-be…newly married…married for umpteen years….  

This post is for you (and for me too)! 

If you’re like me…(a busy working mom and wife, with a full time job and a family to take care of)….then you rarely take time out for yourself.  I’ve always loved fashion and makeup (and I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to those categories)…but these days I hardly ever get “dolled-up” and wear fancy clothes or high-heeled shoes.  Most people see me with my hair in a ponytail or braids, no makeup, usually in a Wonder Woman t-shirt and jeans.  It’s a good day if I’ve managed to throw on some mascara and lip gloss as I’m running out the door.

My daily “uniform” is a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.  Whether they’re the paint-covered ones depends on what type of job I’m doing for the day.  If I’m meeting with invitation clients right after a painting job…I’m usually explaining the paint under my non-manicured fingernails and the Jackson Pollock-esque splatter that is called my jeans (I tend to wipe my hands and brushes on my pants, bad habit…I know).

I’m low maintenance…it’s got to be a really, really special occasion for me to get my hair and nails done.   Spa visits and massages….only if it’s a planned outing with my girlfriends (maybe once or twice a year).  I have spa credits and gift cards I have yet to find the time to use.  I can’t remember the last time I had my nails done, actually.  And the last time I can remember having my hair styled by a professional was….um, my wedding?

June 8 marked my 8th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Aaron.  We’ve been inseparable since we started dating in November of 1992.  Technically, that means we’re going on 18 years of being together!  He’s seen me on my best days and my worst days…so for our anniversary, I wanted to give him something special to show him that after all these years and two kids later…this 37 year-old has still got “it”!  🙂

I just didn’t realize that this anniversary present would be a gift to me too!  Are you ready for this?  For our anniversary, I presented my dear hubby with a beautiful album of BOUDOIR photos taken by the fabulous and amazing Desiree Hayes…yes, little ol’ ME looking all “vintage-1940s-pin-up-girl like”!  

Never in a million years would I have ever thought about doing this.  If it wasn’t for my wonderful and awesome sister, Julie (who, as we all know, is also a totally fabulous and amazing professional photographer)…I never would have had this terrific opportunity….the chance to, well…hmmmm, how should I say this….

I got my sexy back.   For a few hours, it was all about me…about being a woman, hear me “raawwwrrr”.  I forgot about my to do list, working, the loads of laundry, my messy house, picking up legos and baking chicken nuggets.  I found that there still is a glamorous and pretty girl inside this 37 year-old, mom of two body.    I had my hair done, I had my skin pampered, I went shopping.  It was just what this tired gal needed….a chance to recharge and appreciate being “me”.  

But never in a gazillion years would I have thought that the pictures would turn out like this….

I was so absolutely thrilled and proud of how these photos came out….that I’ve been dying to post for 2 months!  I decided to wait until my husband had seen them first, that’s only fair, right?  All the photos were beautiful and tasteful, classic and elegant….but I’m keeping most of them private for my husband’s eyes only.  The ones on Desiree’s blog are just a sneak peek. 

Most people think of “boudoir” photography as those cheesy shots where there’s too much soft lighting and blurring effects, weird clichéd poses and props.  I had no idea that it could look like this.  All her compositions were beautiful, every photo looked like a page out of Vanity Fair or Vogue.  Desiree used only the ambient lighting of her studio, just the light of the afternoon sun!  She’s a true artist!  

And the experience was fun, fun, fun!  Desiree has a great sense of humor and made me feel so comfortable!  My sister, Julie, was there, not only as moral support, but also as my stylist (and to make sure I didn’t do my weird nose thing)…oh, the comical banter between Julie and Desiree was a crack up!  It was hard for me to keep a straight face because of those two!  

If you want to take some time out and give yourself a little “me” time…be queen for a day and just focus on you…I highly, highly, highly recommend doing this!  What a total confidence boost….I was on cloud nine for days!  I couldn’t stop peeking at Desiree’s blog to look at the pictures.  I hid myself in the bathroom to look at the album over and over when it first arrived.   I couldn’t believe that was me in those pictures!  

Come on, ladies…..forget all those silly insecurities and just focus on your inner beauty.  Take some time out from doing for EVERYONE else and do something for YOU.  Desiree works with all body types and ages…you WILL look beautiful, because you ARE beautiful and Desiree will capture that!  You deserve to be seen in a new light, to focus on you!  These pictures will last FOREVER…forget botox or a boob job…this is way more worth it!   I’m not gonna lie….I will have no problem when I’m 80, to pull this album out and show it off to my grandkids.  “THIS is how I looked back in the day….Grandma was smokin’ hot!”  LOL! 

Now for the credits….I had a little help…had to get some pampering and prep for the shoot!

1) Hair by Nathalie Gibbons, Envy Salon (858) 342-8374  (My first professional hair-do since my wedding!)

2) Brows, skin care and waxing:  Be Beauty Salon  (LOVE Juju and Tara)

3) Make-up by ME! (yep, even fake eyelashes)

4) Outfits: found them all in the lingerie section of Marshall’s, if you can believe it!  The apron was my own from Anthropologie.  Julie found me the lace/tulle dress from some teeny-bopper store at North County Fair for $14 on clearance.   Flower in my hair, H and M.  Black shoes, H and M.  

5) Oh and those FABULOUS leopard print peep toe pumps, I borrowed from my friend, Kristen (of Mama Kats, where the delish coconut cream pie is also from).  I love her style and she was sweet enough to let me borrow them…before she’d even had a chance to wear them!!!  Thanks, Kristen!

So if you’re a bride-t0-be, this is a perfect gift to present to your husband on your wedding night.  If you’re newly married, do this and you’re sure to keep the honeymoon going.  If you’ve been married for a while….remind him (and yourself) that you’re still that hot lady he married years ago.  And if you’re in a relationship….hmmmm, maybe he’ll like it and put a ring on it!  (Sorry, I had to throw a little Beyoncé in there) 

P.S. – My husband LOVED the album…still picking his jaw up off the floor…wink-wink.

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4 Responses to >All The (Not Single) Ladies…

  1. luckydame says:

    >Divine!!! I love it! You look amazing and it's so classy. Not cheesy at all like some of those boudoir/pinup shoots. Very cool!!!Tracy

  2. >Hottie McHotterton 🙂 That was so much fun 🙂

  3. Joanne says:

    >She did a great job, but it sure helps when the subject is gorgeous. 🙂 Thanks for sharing – makes me wish I was still in San Diego!

  4. >whooohoo, Happy 8th Anniversary!!! and d@ymn you rocked that photo session!!!! Good for you for getting all glammed up Katie, and I bet Jeff got a wonderful present he can keep for a lifetime. I can see it now…You guys will be in your 70s and looking at the photos celebrating your 50th anniversary showing your grand kids what grandma used to look like…

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