>Some Fun Stuff Coming Soon to EITAK Design’s Blog…

>It came to me as I was pondering whether I would be able to keep up with this whole blogging thing (seriously, I don’t know how some of you do it…I find it kinda time-consuming…especially when I have to find pictures and try to edit down these wordy “novels” of mine)…BUT maybe I DO have some things to blog about that you all might find interesting!  

So here’s what I came up with…

1]  AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTIES BLOG SERIES: my sisters and I are known for putting together some pretty cool parties for our kids.  Our nephew, Tyan, is 13 and our niece, Maylie, is 10….so you can believe we’ve done almost every theme imaginable!  Together, (my sisters) Mary & Julie and I brainstorm every aspect of each theme, do just about everything ourselves, and don’t spend gobs of money to throw a great party.  People are always telling us we need to start our own kids’ party planning business!  And everyone loves to borrow our ideas…so this blog series will basically highlight a different party or theme to inspire your next shin-dig!  Believe me, we have ideas for days and don’t mind sharing.  We have the DREAM TEAM:  of course, OVER-THE-TOP and ONE-OF-A-KIND invitations by EITAK, INSANELY AMAZING and DELICIOUS cakes by our dear friend Jeff of Rhino Cake Company (who also caters most of the food), GORGEOUS photography that captures all the memories of the occasion…by my sis Julie of Lot116 Photography.   I also have a bunch of our friends and family that are always there to help with decorating, cool ideas, entertaining the kids, running the games, cleaning up…which I’ll mention in the blog series.  So stay tuned for the awesomeness.

2]  ONE PROJECT A WEEKEND BLOG SERIES: a comment I constantly get is “Wow, with all the painting you can do, your house must look amazing.”  Yeah, I wish.  My answer is usually, “I’m like the mechanic with the broken down car, the chef that orders take-out, the plumber with the leaky faucet.”  I’m so busy working, working, working on client’s projects….that I really don’t have time to work on my own house.  😦  Up until recently, I actually still had white walls in one room…GASP!  So hopefully this blog series will change that and you can see whether I stuck to my New Year’s Resolution and tried to focus some time and talent into FINALLY finishing up my own projects….some of these are 8 or 9 years in the making!  Check back often and cheer me on!

3] THE FIRST-EVER EITAK DESIGN CONTEST!:  need I say more?!!!  One lucky EITAK Design facebook fan or blog follower will win a pretty cool prize from EITAK….we’re talking something CUSTOM!  So keep an eye out for the contest details (it will be a blog post)….and tell your friends to enter if they love PAPER and PAINT!

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