>Gimme More Chartreuse!

I forgot how much I actually do like Cost Plus. Nine years ago, when my husband and I first moved into our house, it was our “go-to” place to find nice, but inexpensive furniture that had a little bit of the eclectic and ethnic style of decor we like. We already had a lot of Asian artwork and antiques (from a trip to Taiwan), as well as things my parents had given me. We fell in love with anything Italian during our honeymoon in Italy. And we found ourselves drawn to pieces, patterns, colors from various cultural/historical influences: Asian/Indian, European (Italian and Spanish), Gothic/Medieval, Moorish, Moroccan, and anything rustic-tropical-ornate. I guess it could be called a “Euro-Colonial” style…think French Colonial/Indochinese, British Colonial/India to West Indies, Italian/Venetian, Moorish/Moroccan. In any case, Cost Plus seemed to fit the bill. And then the benefit of being a decorative painter who has the opportunity to work with some fabulous interior designers started to come into play. We began buying pieces through my connections (those trade discounts are always a plus), and my friend Tiffany (Heon Design) found beautiful fabrics and helped me with draperies and bedding. I guess the last time I went to a Cost Plus was to find some stocking stuffers and snacks for my boys.

Until today. I was looking for some items for a wedding I’m doing this weekend, and happened to pop in to check out their frame selection. My eye was instantly drawn to a lovely and bright chartreuse/mossy green, floral patterned placemat (pictured above). I know, it’s just a $3.99 placemat, but this pattern made me happy and I had to have it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Chartreuse. Lately, I can’t get enough of it. Some people love it, some people compare it to pea soup or baby poop. But I beg to differ. I just love, love, love it! I think it’s such a clean, fresh, uplifting color. It goes well with so many colors: red, orange, aqua, grey, brown, black, purple, pink, yellow. And it’s not just a modern/contemporary color….Chartreuse adds that bit of “pop” and a refreshing update to anything vintage or traditional.
Anjour Pear walls, Lettuce Leaf faux headboard, paint by Benjamin Moore~from Domino Magazine.

My Chinese New Year’s cards this year were Chartreuse, a dark “Shadow” Grey, and an Aubergine Purple. All because of the Chartreuse feather comb from Anthropologie I found to wear in my hair for our photos (which were beyond fantastical because of my talented sis, Julie of Lot116 Photography).

I loved this color scheme so much, I had to paint my boys’ bathroom Chartreuse and dark Grey (which I’ll post later in an upcoming blog series, so stay tuned). And I’m using some beautiful Chartreuse paper patterns for invitations and wedding color schemes.
Placecard for Exquisite Weddings tableaux shoot by EITAK Design, photo by Terri Rippee

So my new placemat has found a spot on my kitchen island….doesn’t it look so lovely with my treasured sugar bowl from Anthropologie? Best $3.99 I’ve spent in a while….I may have to find a way to use this pattern on an invite or a wall soon.
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3 Responses to >Gimme More Chartreuse!

  1. >That color makes me happy, too! It was one of our wedding colors and we paired it with a navy blue and tangerine. It brings back great memories of that day.I like your sense of style! We're going for the same effect at our house but failing miserably. Can I call you for a lifeline?!

  2. >Love it! One of my favorite colors πŸ™‚

  3. >Love that color too. I painted my kitchen in that color! Love your Chinese New Year Cards btw… I loved the clothes you wore in the pics that Julie took too! It all came together really well. πŸ™‚

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