>No Joke: I Updated My Blog!

I know, I know…It’s been a long time since I blogged –almost a year ago, in fact. The last entry was posted on May 13, 2009 – right before the National Stationery Show. I wear many hats…but I guess “blogger” is not one of them.

When my husband (www.masemo.com) redesigned my web site in early 2009, we put a blog page on there because, well…every web site has a blog….and it seems everybody and their momma blogs about something, right? For EITAK, I figured it would give me a place to post recent work (instead of having to constantly update the portfolio sections of my web site), discuss ideas and color trends for both paper and paint, and show works in progress or sneak peeks of proofs for invitation clients. Then I created an EITAK Design page on facebook. With my crazy schedule, it just seemed easier to post a quick status update, upload some pictures, and go!
My sister, Julie (Lot116 Photography), is an awesome blogger. For her clients, she posts sneak peeks of their photo shoots. Since we’re excited to see her work, (and because we know that she posts consistently and after almost every shoot), we’re always checking back and following her blog. I love her writing style (enjoyable to read and with that sense of humor we all know her for) and I like how clean her blog format is (not a gazillion ads and links and comments). She actually blogs as a guest contributor for several photography blogs…not just because she knows her stuff, but she shares her expertise in a way that her readers can understand and enjoy. Can you tell that I’m proud of my baby sis?
So Julie, along with a bunch of my clients and colleagues and friends, have been telling me for quite some time now, that I need to blog more. My answer consists of the same few excuses: “I don’t blog because…”
1) I just don’t have the time. EITAK is me. I do almost all of it by myself. Designing, painting, printing, assembling, invoicing, estimates, meetings, deliveries, errands, consultations. It seems like blogging would be a full time job in itself! For some people it is….it’s what they do all day, they’ve almost made careers out of it and are making money doing it! Most companies have staff dedicated to blogging and posting on social networks. I wish I had more time, but my schedule is already pretty full. During the day I paint at client’s homes, I work on invites, I’m doing all the running around for my business (post office, paper store, craft store, paint store, meetings, consultations). At night I’m on my computer working on invitation proofs, corresponding with clients, invoicing, preparing estimates, researching. Not to mention that I’m a wife and mother of two young boys…so I cook, clean, do laundry, volunteer twice a week in my son’s kindergarten class, and try to find time to spend with my family and friends. At night, when the boys are asleep and I get on my laptop, it’s to work on design proofs and prepare for the next day’s projects. Blogging just gets pushed to the wayside. Throwing up a quick post on facebook seems to be working just fine.
2) Does anyone really want to read my blog….people just want to see pictures, right? Can’t I just keep posting recent work on my facebook page and call it a day? What would I write about anyway? I’m not really a good writer….and I’m so long-winded (if you couldn’t already tell from this post thus far), that each post would be like a novel! I’m not sure what my blog would really offer readers, except a glimpse into what EITAK Design does, maybe some cool ideas or inspiration. I’m not planning on making it a DIY blog where I give away step by step instructions or anything like that. Sooooo….can’t I just throw up a quick post on facebook?
3) I’m just not a blogger.
BUT….I trust my sister’s advice and I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve noticed how effective blogging is as a marketing and communication tool….and it wouldn’t hurt to get out there and try and see what happens. Even if it’s just a self-indulgent rambling of my own ideas, inspiration, interests….someone might get something out of it, right?
So….here it goes. I’ve revamped the look of my blog…the old one was nice, clean and simple… but I want it to look more like my web site, so I found a template I liked and manipulated it. Luckily, I have a husband who does web stuff, knows html and how to code things….so he took my template and made it work.
Daily blogging might be a stretch….weekly might be doable….baby steps….let’s see if I can do one or two posts a month. The new hat is on. Let’s see if it fits.
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